About The ecosocialist

Because of the climate change crisis, and now the world food crisis, the environment and related questions of social equality are widely under discussion.

Big business interests have launched a major effort to avoid any responsibility for situation they have largely caused through their pursuit of neoliberal policies, and their almost unrestricted access to government because of widespread acceptance of the quack economic theories of Friedrich Hayek and the likes of Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand.

These interest have, for example, delayed by a decade Australia signing up to the Kyoto Protocol, a very preliminary step in tackling climate change.

Supporters of social equality and ecological sustainability must be armed with the ideas to participate in the discussions arising from the environmental crisis and defeat attempts to shift the cost of the crisis on to those who can least afford it, working people in Australia and similar countries, and the poorest people in the global South, or Third World.

The ecosocialist is a forum for discussion and analysis from a left and green point of view.

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