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Too many people? A review

December 28, 2011

Too many people? Population, immigration and the environmental crisis

Ian Angus and Simon Butler

Haymarket Books, 2011

Available in Australia from Resistance Books

Reviewed by Ed Lewis

In about 20 years as an active supporter of the Australian Greens I’ve regularly encountered people advancing populationist points of view, which all share the starting point that overpopulation is main cause of the global environmental crisis.

Environmentalists are justifiably alarmed about the damage human activity has caused, and is still causing, to our planet, particularly since the industrial revolution that transformed firstly Europe, and then the world, in the 19th century. Too many, however, avoid looking at the role of forms of government and corporate control that developed out of the industrial revolution.



Professor Matthew Connelly on why population control is a furphy

August 2, 2008

Late Night Live on ABC Radio National recently ran an interview with historian Matthew Connelly, Associate Professor of History at Columbia University, who has written the first global history of the population control movement.