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Workers and environmentalists need a new alliance

July 20, 2008

Cam Walker

Like many others, I cut my activist teeth during the Franklin River campaign of the early 1980s. Like thousands of others, I joined the blockades in south-west Tasmania and, like hundreds of others, was arrested for my troubles and spent a week in Risdon Jail.



Resources from the Climate Change/Social Change conference

May 10, 2008

John Rice

The very successful Climate Change/ Social Change Conference was held recently in Sydney, and now video and audio of virtually all pleneries and workshops are now available online


New science shows up Rudd’s greenhouse targets

May 7, 2008

Renfrey Clarke

Groundbreaking new research findings posted on the internet in April have confirmed what many scientists and climate activists have already concluded: that the goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions embraced by the European Union and Australia’s Labor government are gravely inadequate.